Image result for 15 Travel Accessories We Would Never Recommend (10 That Are A Must)For even the most experienced, traveling can still be stressful, messy, or downright annoying. No matter the vehicle, it’s rarely a comfortable process, and then things can go wrong, like baggage getting lost or cars breaking down. It’s all worth it, but there are many innovators out there trying to ease the pains of travel with some great ideas and some really ridiculous ones.

The problem with most innovations is they spend time making them practical, which is great, but they completely forget the look of them. No one is going to use things that look ridiculous, even if they work. Some things don’t even work, so they can’t help us out there. In the end these accessories just turn into one extra thing we have to carry.

Motorized luggage you can ride, or a nano UV wand, anyone? We’ve compiled a list of new travel gadgets that every savvy traveler needs and some you shouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.